Resubmission Support

Under this service, we assist the author in making changes to the manuscript to address reviewer comments, check language quality, redraft the cover letter, guide the authors on how to respond to reviewer comments, and resubmit the revised paper to the journal.

We offer post-acceptance and resubmission support. Post-acceptance support is for manuscripts that have been accepted for publication.

Our publication experts will

  • Check the revised manuscript to ensure it meets journal requirements.
  • Draft a new cover letter.
  • Submit your responses and revised paper to the journal.

If your paper gets rejected, however, you can opt for the resubmission support service, through which our publication professionals will

  • Reformat your manuscript according to the guidelines of the new journal you choose.
  • Provide you with a new cover letter.
  • Resubmit your paper to the new journal.

NOTE: This service is offered free with our Gold and Platium packs and will be available only if you have selected one of these packs.
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Make sure that your manuscript is free of accidental plagiarism instances with our Plagiarism Check service.

Quality Guarantee

Quality GuaranteeWe work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the quality! We guarantee that the quality of English in all documents edited by Editage will meet the standards required in the international publishing industry. This guarantee applies to every document edited by us, regardless of service, deadline, or fees.

File Formats We Edit

File Formats we editWe accept all file formats such as WORD, PDF, JPEG, LaTeX, etc.

(An additional 15% is charged for PDF and LaTeX editing.)